100 Days of Meditation (Day 100)

I forgot to meditate…true story.

Thanks for stopping by!


100 Days of Meditation (Day 99)

I meditated last 2 months ago…

I am sorry.

Last time I’ve felt my breath was two months ago.

Not sure if lack of sleep, flying to another country, instantly gratified, being stuck on timezones, and confused as to what day it is validates my excuse.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I am during those last 98 days.  I know what my potentials and weaknesses are.

I think I’m suppose to tell you how awesome this 100 day journey was for me, and how it impacted my life for the better.  I’d wish I can come close to saying that.

I have poor habits, poor addictions, I use them as the broken crutch to my life.  It is my priority to attend those addictions.  Those addictions come first.  I will conquer the world! But first: Let me rub one out while I’m still high…What’s on Netflix?

My trip ended sooner than what I had planned.  I got into a moped accident which I care not to discuss.  It resulted in a fractured ankle, and a shit load of limping whilst overseas. Despite the injury, I would say I had more than an amazing time.

So what now?

It felt productive being committed to something, didn’t feel as effective as I wanted it to be, I will confess I could have been more disciplined.

So then let’s do it again…

Thank you

100 Days of Meditation (Day 98)

Day 98

I did a lot today in preparation for our trip.  I woke up at 4:30am, went to work until 3:30.  Had many errands to run afterwards.  Alarm is going to go off in 30 min.  With all due respect, I will relax next to a beautiful woman sending out my intentions out to the Universe.

I love you

100 Days of Meditation (Day 96)

The days our winding down. I would really have liked to end with a bang I think I won’t be able to.  Kids, it all started when your friend here decided to be instantly gratified through the last days before his travels this coming week.   I tend to say that I’ve been out of it lately.  When in reality it means that I’ve been smoking my ass off to the point of my functions become robotic.

Day 100 will be in another country!

That will be good challenge as I won’t be bringing my laptop.