100 Days of Meditation (Day 59)

Day 59

My true self is always grateful

No seriously it’s as if I felt each atom of oxygen (as well as the other atoms that make up air) pass through my nose hairs and into my lungs, they then were used and excreted through the exhalation.  It was good.  Never during a meditation have I ever giggled (such an unmanly word…but it’s true I giggled).  I then started thinking about topics I wanted to write about, and started coming up with ideas then and there, at that point I got happier.  I was happier because I knew that I was feeling the gratitude of the creativity that flowed through me at the moment.  This was what I was looking for…to recognize my creativity again, and I found it…


It was such a wonderful feeling to felt what I felt, the best part was that it was only the beginning.  As I type my words away, it feels so good to flow with out stopping or backspacing my words. (once I thought of it I had to backspace, but you will never know what I wanted to say, and it will be long forgotten by the time you ask)

To be continued forever and ever.

On a side note/topic

We addicts just love to be happy!  We don’t want to face our problems head on, we don’t want to handle it just now, we love to feel good now and forever. If a task can be avoided, well then lets avoid it!  Forget the problem, our fix is the (temporary) solution. Get out of my way, as I want to sit down and think about what I just said while I get high…

Thank you and I love you.


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